Street Team

Recruitment is important. It keeps new members coming in, and makes us a bigger, better club. This year we are forming a Street Team to help us make this the best year ever and we need your help! Our busiest season for running the club is from September through November. During this time we are recruiting heavily for new members, Night Club Cards, and signing up trips. Our Street Team will be attending some of the bigger events in and around Baltimore to pass out fliers and get our name out. You can attend as many or as little events as you like. You can also help out by getting the fliers below and hanging them up anywhere you can! What you need to do:

  • Contact our Membership Officer by using the form below
  • Download the fliers below
  • Sign Up for a Street Team Event with our Membership Officer
  • Distribute fliers and handouts at the event or your work, gym, community center, bars, or wherever you can

Our club gets discounts based on our size. The more members we have at a given event, the cheaper things will be for everyone.

Download Fliers Here:


To become a street team member, fill out the following form:

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